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no thrid parties, no tracking, no analytics, no cloudflare, hosted in Germany.

long version

All services on are hosted in Germany and thus under German & EU privacy regulations.
I am using Hetzner Cloud for both the vServer and DNS. The domain is from Namecheap and HTTPS certificates are from Let's Encrypt.

Storage of data: Data is stored directly on the server in Germany and is not processed for other purposes than providing the service and managing the infrastructure.

Federation: The Matrix server running on this domain is using the federated Matrix protocol, thus communicating in rooms from other servers will mean that your chats are synchronized with the respective homeservers of all users. For this reason it cannot be garantueed that all servers respect the users privacy to the same degree as
Especially in public rooms, be aware that not all servers might respect a deletion request your chats. of course respects deletion requests and purges data according to the usual matrix/synapse server workflow.

Deletion of your personal data: All services on this domain allow you the deletion of your user profile using the respective services user interface. If you use multiple services on this domain, you will have to repeat the process for each service.
All deletion requests are honored and processed according each services inner workings. As these services (e.g. Gitea or Matrix) are not made or managed by myself, I don't make the rules and didn't write the account deletion code. For more information for each services account deletion process, you will have to look at the respective documentation.

Cookies: Services on this domain may use Cookies to log you in and provide you with the service. These cookies are strictly functional and do not track you or send analytics. For this reason a GDPR-Cookies banner is not reqired.

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