All services on are hosted in Germany and thus under German & EU privacy regulations.

Storage & Handeling of Data

Data is stored directly on servers in Germany and is not processed for other purposes than providing the service and managing the infrastructure by the corresponding server software providing the service.
The following third-parties are used to provide services:


The main server for running the services wiki, git, joplin, unifi, tor, and the site itself is a VPS Root-Server running on Netcup's infrastructure.
The server is directly under's control and was fully self set-up.


The Nextcloud instance on is using Hetzner's hosted Storage Share service. This means that data stored on Nextcloud will be in the control of Hetzner and not directly by


E-Mails addressed to are handled by SimpleLogin infrastructure and forwarded to my mailbox.


Services on this domain may use Cookies to log you in and provide you with the service. These cookies are strictly functional and do not track you or send analytics. For this reason a GDPR-Cookies banner is not reqired.

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